Feb 16, 2013

KIA on the ROAD ~ Women Driving Excellence The Chicago Auto Show

The great things about Auto Shows is that you can make visual comparisons.

KIA is a great vehicle. Based in Seoul, Korea. The word KIA means "to come out". 

With several passenger vehicles, SUVs, vans and commercial vehicles there are varieties to choose from!

From the base line car ... 

 to the wonderful SUV the Sorento

KIA being a major sponsor for our Women Driving Excellence Day February 12, 2013, gave us grand tours of their amazing fleet of vehicles at The Chicago Auto Show!

Oct 12, 2011

Getting To The Good Stuff In You

After 20 plus years of watching Oprah here in Chicago ...  I admit, I had become a tad bit immune. Once an avid AM Chicago watcher, I hung in with Oprah well into her 2006 season before giving up and tiring. By the time O had shut down Michigan Avenue, I was simply annoyed. I kept saying to my mom after each "last this, and last that", "Is it over yet?????!!!!"

As a blogger, it is my pleasure to expose my incredible readership to things that encourage healthier living, and trust me, signing up will do just that.

I worked through some very difficult times using Iyanla Vanzant's In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want

Oprah has exposed us, once again, to growth and progression. I am so excited!

This clip is from today, which is Day 2, Letting Go Of Anger. Today's class was just as moving as yesterday's The False Power Of Ego... so tune in, sign up, get working on you right now!!

Watch live streaming video from oprahslifeclass at livestream.com

Oct 5, 2011


YUP, OCTOBER IS "Adopt A Shelter Dog Month"!

                                                      Cousin Gabs with PAWS

My beautiful pooch pooch was ALMOST a shelter dog, thankfully Chicago's Finest will go to any lengths to save a life ... even four-legged lives. My angel was bait in a pit-bull fight. Someone phoned 911 and CPD (Chicago's Police Department) went in, rescued her and placed her in a cell. My co-workers rallied me over to see her and she jumped rich into my arms!

DO YOU have a POOCH???

If not, go save a life today!

Also, if you are in Chicago, support PAWS . Their Fur Ball this year is 11-11-11 and is a black-tie event for you and the four-legged loved one in your life. Take fuzz out on the town!!!