Oct 5, 2011


YUP, OCTOBER IS "Adopt A Shelter Dog Month"!

                                                      Cousin Gabs with PAWS

My beautiful pooch pooch was ALMOST a shelter dog, thankfully Chicago's Finest will go to any lengths to save a life ... even four-legged lives. My angel was bait in a pit-bull fight. Someone phoned 911 and CPD (Chicago's Police Department) went in, rescued her and placed her in a cell. My co-workers rallied me over to see her and she jumped rich into my arms!

DO YOU have a POOCH???

If not, go save a life today!

Also, if you are in Chicago, support PAWS . Their Fur Ball this year is 11-11-11 and is a black-tie event for you and the four-legged loved one in your life. Take fuzz out on the town!!!

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