Aug 9, 2009

Sprint ~ Say What? Cell for kids!

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How you keep the lines of communication open with your children as they grow older and gain more freedom.


The entire idea of cell phones is preposterous!

Carrying around a means of communication in your pocket when people used to use street lamps is really quite the deal.

At 8 years old {many, many,many moons ago} I could be climbing mountains in Taiwan or slaying dragons in a battle or being a mermaid under the sea – but once the street lights began to flicker on, I had best high-tail it home or risk having all the skin filleted from my thighs.

Nowadays, minute to second communication is a must.

When my son turned 8 years old, he began begging for his own cell phone. I related my story to him. He cried. He had no idea that making a phone call in my era was a precursor to the emergency room. My mom would answer the call with “You better be dead” or “You wasted a dime, you better be dead”.

After circulating my very responsible and incredibly academic son's request around other moms at his school, I began to see it for the tool it was.

I then began to actually contemplate the idea and began to think:

*It would be nice to let him know when I am running late so he is not nervously waiting for me.

*It would be nice if he decided he would like to go home with a friend, he could obtain immediate confirmation.

*If I forgot his lunch I could find out before noon and let him know I am on my way.

*I could text him in stores if I felt brave enough to let him go down the aisle. Or maybe, if I thought he needed a smile, I could text him one.

Sappy as it sounds, I LIKE my kid and would enjoy communicating with him every second of the day!

All of the things many parents, including myself, deal with {or sometimes without} can now be readily amended. Not to mention we can address safety concerns with Global Positioning System.

Five years have passed since I made the decision to add an additional SPRINT line to my phone just for my kid.

He has lost it once {baseball practice}, dropped it the commode once {don't ask, but it dried out quite nicely, no need for repair} and has upgraded so much – well, let's just say, I would REALLY like the Pre but someone has the Instinct – but that's just fine by me. I know he is alive, I can share my day with him and thank goodness for NO DROPPED calls! THANKS SPRINT.

What are some of your thoughts regarding cell phones and kids? How do you keep the lines of communication open with your children as they grow older and gain more freedom.

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