Mar 9, 2010

I'm In Love

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Sprint

Last October (2009) I became part of an incredible opportunity (and relationship). I acquired a "best friend" and engaged in a journey of friendship, love and laughter!

Meet my best friend, Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem U300!

I have lugged the U300 with me EVERYWHERE. It has WiMax capabilities and is SO easy to install, even I could do it!

YES, ME! I just learned how to click, copy and paste last year - so, this is stupendously easy and an incredibly smart piece of technology.

Because I am the mom of a teen, I spend at least 5 hours per week in what I refer to as Terrorizing Teen Transitioning - meaning I am in limbo awaiting the next "pickup", the next "drop-off", or I am simply sucking air for hours before the next game, practice or while they "hang".

Thanks to this lovely device, I was able to use ALL of that down time to TWEET, BLOG, BLOGHER, check bills and or submerge myself gleefully into other necessities - like online shopping.

This modem has allowed me to occupy my time, use my time effectively, and temper my thoughts for blog posts.

It is a must add that I feel the advantage of online safety when using my "Best Friend" as opposed to when using free Wi-Fi. While I am quite sure that wi-fi is perfectly safe, I prefer having my own secure connection, not to mention the convenience. It makes using U300 in coffee houses and in the car the best choice.

I have been so pleased and so fulfilled that I am planning our wedding (sorry honey). Marry the U300? Well, yes, because I am really feeling that I can not live without my "Uie". I am truly devoted and married to it. Yep, I am.

My U300 is reliable, trustworthy and adapts to any environment.

So, stay tuned for the announcement of our date this summer ~ (okay, I'm kidding - or maybe I'm not.)

In the meantime, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT stating how you see the speed of the Sprint Now Network™ keeping you connected and organized? And also give an idea as to what you will wear to our wedding!!!

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