May 26, 2011

Mary Kay and ME!

I am a natural freak. I am always seeking preservative-free ways of living.

Once upon a time I was grossly overweight, splotchy skinned and miserable. I was ALWAYS tired and I never felt right. It took a journey, but once I found my way, I eliminated the bad things to the best of my ability. Our government does not always have our best interest at heart. Believe that we must take responsibility for the things we ingest. When  I began my journey, it was extremely difficult to find things that were not filled with chemicals and artificial agents.

Our world is toxic. The more effort you make to eradicate carcinogens as much as possible, the better you will live.

Companies are taking heed. I was SO happy to see Mary Kay jump on board with mineral based cosmetics.

My skin is SUPER sensitive to cosmetics. If there are too many preservatives I will swell. Eye shadows, foundations, blush. They must be almost all natural or I will look puffy and become itchy. These new Mary Kay items are GREAT.

I was given Mary Kay samples via Blogher. I used the silky caramel/caramel doux mineral eye color on the lower lid. I slightly brushed a hint of midnight star/nuit etilee on the inner lower lid ... just a hint. The upper outer lid I generously brushed sienna/terre de sienne. I also topped everything off with shy blush/pommettes rouges! How did I do???

I received these Mary Kay samples free via Blogher. I was not made to write or provide any untrue testimony. I used the products over a two week period. My sentiments are my own assessment and I was not paid to provide this post.

May 11, 2011

Jen does SOBCON 2011

I really LOVE Jen's videos ~ She needs her OWN SHOW (OWN Network are ya listening?) Keep up the great information Jen!!!

Great appearances from a googob of my pals! GMC, WiredPr aka Barb, Tim McDonald ....

May 10, 2011

May 9, 2011

Come ride in the Escalade ....

Because I believe in General Motors and the changes they have made, I have been test driving different series of vehicles. Follow me as I try out the luxurious Cadillacs!

Today's video is a teaser for the incredible time I spent in the 2011 Escalade!!!
(Don't hate!)

I was not paid for these endorsements. I request the vehicles I like and am at liberty to give you my true assessment. This is the Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum.

May 4, 2011

Chicago Bears #32 Kahlil Bell and @JenChicago !!!

You NEVER know what Jen will be up to next!!!