Jul 30, 2010

Fulfilling & Fresh!

A day at the Chicago's Art Institute can be emotionally draining and caloric inducing. Emotionally draining for me because I am so passionate. I experience things deeply, and enjoy art and music immensely. It really feeds my soul.

My friend, Sami Ari of SamiAri.net, invited me to a wonderful performance by Adam Marks. Pictures at an Exhibition was the piano version of Mussorgsky, coupled with art commentary and exhibit suggestion.

It was quirky and enjoyable, and at some points moving. Afterward, Sami and I were famished.

The nearby Qdoba, at 58 East Randolph, Chicago, was an excellent respite to recharge before our exhibit stroll.

Qdoba kindly offered to allow me to sample their NEW "Mango salad" along with a guest. Sami and I were so excited to take a gander and a grub.

Available with or without the "shell", the salad was filling and fresh. Cafeteria-style, the restaurant is clean and inviting. Mango is always delicious. As Sami and I took our first bites we exclaimed simultaneously "REFRESHING"!

A lovely example of tasty goodness! Bravo! We didn't even need dessert. We were happily fulfilled.

Qdoba's salad comes highly recommended.

CLICK HERE to find a location near you.

Jul 27, 2010

"The Perfect Balance of Sweetness & Salt"

If you enjoy the sweet, buttery, salty, crunchiness of popcorn, then you will definitely enjoy Angie's Kettle Corn!

Arriving fresh to Chicago's market this month, Angie's is a delightful, refreshing and natural product that I can whole-heartedly endorse.

I was not paid to provide this assessment. I simply love popcorn and saw that they were giving away samples to interested parties.

I am ALWAYS interested in trying new treats! Being a big, popcorn fan, this was a no-brainer!

Too bad for me, "NO-BRAINERS" entail absolutely NO THINKING and I nearly ate an entire bag myself.

(I do NOT recommend that).

I strongly encourage you to have a supervised visit with Angie's and taste the prize of North Mankato, Minnesota. Made in a facility free of wheat and nuts, Angie's uses no preservatives, no cholesterol, no artificial flavors or trans-fats. The product's ingredients support local farmers and is popped in small batches in REAL kettles!!

It is always fun bringing a great, nutritious tasty bag into the house. The litmus being after a few hours of having the bag simply laying on the counter, if it is not opened and devoured, with a few scuffles and a few slaps and punches, it is not worth purchasing.

In this case, there were several fights, a few tummy aches ( again, do not attempt to eat the entire bag at once ) and lots of moaning amongst the "nom nom nom" munching.

Angie's Kettle Corn has my vote!

Jul 23, 2010

Busy Body Books!

Busy Body Books reach out to the "old school" writer in me.     

Back in the time when folks had note-books, you could really tell the writer from the average student.

"The Writer" had an identifying planner or journal while "the student" ran around with those horrid wire notebooks. In my day, I carried both. As a high school writer, I carried anything that one could write in.

As time progressed and I became extremely attached to the things I penned. Often, I carried leather bound journals, legal pads encased in leather, fancy covered books with unlined paper and drawing books or sketch artist pads to capture my words.

Busy Body has returned me to my comfort zone.

With the tech age, many of these warm writing rituals have escaped me.

At the beginning of my son's school years, I do pass through the now small aisles with journals, but with the demise of "Mom and Pop" book stores, the place where I store my thoughts is often within the hard drive of my laptops!

I most enjoyed the pockets and eye-friendly layouts of the Busy Body Book. It also has sturdy covering for Moms who tend to shove things in accessible places. Having this strength makes the Busy Body Book handy. The paper is thick and the grids assist with categorizing and prioritizing.

The Busy Body Book's weight is impressive. As a mom, we lug so much that it's very helpful when things are lightweight and sturdy.

Recommending this is easy. Sometime you simply need a note pad, a place to jot deep thoughts, a handy note-pad, or organizing your life and that of your family.

Jan Goldner has put thought and care into her product and given us a space to carefully chronicle our brain junk!

That makes me feel awesome.

If you have a Busy Body Book, let me know your thoughts!

Jul 17, 2010

Drove the Chevy to the levee ~

Latosha (@TargetStars) & Melodie (@Wildfirerest) posing for me in front of the WildFire Restaurant Schaumburg at the Summer Seven 1010 Tweetup

I can not believe that I am still excited about my weekend with the 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid!

I miss the smooth ride, the comfortable seating, the head-room, the gas mileage, the flexibility in parking, OnStar and XM.

The Hybrid technology fascinated me.

I kept saying to the fleet vehicle deliverer - "Well, how does it charge? Do I need to plug it in?" He chuckled and described the innovative technology.

The battery self charges when you break or are idling at a stop light! It uses regular gas and toted me from Schaumburg and back using very little fuel!

How awesome is that?

The gray coloring also had me smitten.

Chevrolet has really paid great attention to comfort and detail.

Honestly, examining the scope of GM's capabilities has put me further in an enamored state.

Is there anything at all that displeases me about the Chevy vehicles I've tested?

So far, NOPE!


Jul 14, 2010

An Evening With Rae

Tomorrow night I will be at the Hotel Allegro's Encore "Liquid Lounge"!

My friend and comrade Rae Lewis-Thornton is throwing this bash to promote HIV/AIDS and friendship.

Rae Lewis-Thornton shares with us her daily challenges.  She is always forthright and forthcoming about life's ins and outs living with AIDS. Her honesty and integrity about this disease have altered many untruths over the past 2 decades.

Rae, who has traveled extensively speaking about HIV/AIDS and Safe Sex, has recently begun a blog that is both riveting and informative. You can read all about Rae HERE

Rae is a fascinating speaker and is available to speak across our great land, giving us much needed information about staying safe.

Come join us for an evening of information, friendship and lots of fun and swag ~


Jul 8, 2010

Celebrating The Things In My Life That Are Better Than Ever ...

At 43, I would have never given myself a glimmer that I would be feeling my best life is happening RIGHT NOW!

I could stand to lose a few pounds (I'm WORKING ON IT) but overall, life is better than ever!

My love pours out with a force that baffles me.

I am confident and totally secure in me.

At 20, my thoughts of being 43, were decrepit and aging thoughts. I never imagined I would have the vigor and stamina I enjoy.

I happily conquer the world every day.

Living your best life may be part psychology and part physiology, but once all the pieces are in place, life simply doesn't get better than this.

The funny thing about the Twitter Moms Discussion is that I use Dove Nutrium Cream Oil bar soap for sensitive skin daily!

Loving ourselves, exactly as we are means we can be BETTER THAN EVER AT ANY AGE!

Improve what you desire to, and what you actually can improve - the rest be happy with!

I applaud Dove's campaign ~ Check it out on FACEBOOK's "Better Than Ever" page.

We, as the makers and shakers of this world, need to feel well, powerful, better and on fire daily.

We need to inspire one another to drink more water, eat purposefully, exercise and use products that keep our skin and organs in optimum shape.

Thanks to powerful and important campaigns, and discussions such as these, we can move into our senior years feeling the fervor of living.

Share your best living tips!

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