Jul 30, 2010

Fulfilling & Fresh!

A day at the Chicago's Art Institute can be emotionally draining and caloric inducing. Emotionally draining for me because I am so passionate. I experience things deeply, and enjoy art and music immensely. It really feeds my soul.

My friend, Sami Ari of SamiAri.net, invited me to a wonderful performance by Adam Marks. Pictures at an Exhibition was the piano version of Mussorgsky, coupled with art commentary and exhibit suggestion.

It was quirky and enjoyable, and at some points moving. Afterward, Sami and I were famished.

The nearby Qdoba, at 58 East Randolph, Chicago, was an excellent respite to recharge before our exhibit stroll.

Qdoba kindly offered to allow me to sample their NEW "Mango salad" along with a guest. Sami and I were so excited to take a gander and a grub.

Available with or without the "shell", the salad was filling and fresh. Cafeteria-style, the restaurant is clean and inviting. Mango is always delicious. As Sami and I took our first bites we exclaimed simultaneously "REFRESHING"!

A lovely example of tasty goodness! Bravo! We didn't even need dessert. We were happily fulfilled.

Qdoba's salad comes highly recommended.

CLICK HERE to find a location near you.


Sami said...

It was indeed refreshing and had a great time hanging out with you! :)

Houseonahillorg said...

Now we have to try a burrito! miss ya!