Jul 23, 2010

Busy Body Books!

Busy Body Books reach out to the "old school" writer in me.     

Back in the time when folks had note-books, you could really tell the writer from the average student.

"The Writer" had an identifying planner or journal while "the student" ran around with those horrid wire notebooks. In my day, I carried both. As a high school writer, I carried anything that one could write in.

As time progressed and I became extremely attached to the things I penned. Often, I carried leather bound journals, legal pads encased in leather, fancy covered books with unlined paper and drawing books or sketch artist pads to capture my words.

Busy Body has returned me to my comfort zone.

With the tech age, many of these warm writing rituals have escaped me.

At the beginning of my son's school years, I do pass through the now small aisles with journals, but with the demise of "Mom and Pop" book stores, the place where I store my thoughts is often within the hard drive of my laptops!

I most enjoyed the pockets and eye-friendly layouts of the Busy Body Book. It also has sturdy covering for Moms who tend to shove things in accessible places. Having this strength makes the Busy Body Book handy. The paper is thick and the grids assist with categorizing and prioritizing.

The Busy Body Book's weight is impressive. As a mom, we lug so much that it's very helpful when things are lightweight and sturdy.

Recommending this is easy. Sometime you simply need a note pad, a place to jot deep thoughts, a handy note-pad, or organizing your life and that of your family.

Jan Goldner has put thought and care into her product and given us a space to carefully chronicle our brain junk!

That makes me feel awesome.

If you have a Busy Body Book, let me know your thoughts!

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