Sep 28, 2011

Rae, who showed up???

While there was limited mainstream media, the message was STILL loud and clear!

Especially share this with your youth!


Sep 23, 2011


I have quite a NICE blogroll if I do say so myself!

Today I was reading Tom Valenti over at "Just Appease Me" and was very impressed to see he, as counsel and an officer of the court like me, had Conflict Resolution covered!!

I sat for hours watching the other linked videos that handled the subject and was happy that people are recognizing alternatives to violence.

I also noticed how Black culture, and the hip/hop culture, has tremendously influenced today's youth ... I suppose that is a whole 'nutha topic we must explore ... MANY of these messages were raps!

As a result of recent altercations and events around the globe, I began to ponder ...

In the U.S., is today's aggression result of:

* the Black communities continued struggles

* today's youth emulating what they appreciate about Black culture i.e. gestures, language, clothing

* trying to be tough, cool, relevant

* classism

* juvenile behavior

* influx of cartel cultures in urban communities

* economic disparities

* failure to properly educate students in preschool and middle-school before issues arise

* failure to hold parents accountable

* inability to reach populations that are most at risk because many of them are not even in the school system

* failure to teach accountability for actions

* glorifying violence


I don't know ... these are simply thoughts off the top of my head ... whatever the case, my recommendation is that we all put our heads together AND FIGURE THIS OUT!!!