Jul 8, 2010

Celebrating The Things In My Life That Are Better Than Ever ...

At 43, I would have never given myself a glimmer that I would be feeling my best life is happening RIGHT NOW!

I could stand to lose a few pounds (I'm WORKING ON IT) but overall, life is better than ever!

My love pours out with a force that baffles me.

I am confident and totally secure in me.

At 20, my thoughts of being 43, were decrepit and aging thoughts. I never imagined I would have the vigor and stamina I enjoy.

I happily conquer the world every day.

Living your best life may be part psychology and part physiology, but once all the pieces are in place, life simply doesn't get better than this.

The funny thing about the Twitter Moms Discussion is that I use Dove Nutrium Cream Oil bar soap for sensitive skin daily!

Loving ourselves, exactly as we are means we can be BETTER THAN EVER AT ANY AGE!

Improve what you desire to, and what you actually can improve - the rest be happy with!

I applaud Dove's campaign ~ Check it out on FACEBOOK's "Better Than Ever" page.

We, as the makers and shakers of this world, need to feel well, powerful, better and on fire daily.

We need to inspire one another to drink more water, eat purposefully, exercise and use products that keep our skin and organs in optimum shape.

Thanks to powerful and important campaigns, and discussions such as these, we can move into our senior years feeling the fervor of living.

Share your best living tips!

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