Jul 14, 2010

An Evening With Rae

Tomorrow night I will be at the Hotel Allegro's Encore "Liquid Lounge"!

My friend and comrade Rae Lewis-Thornton is throwing this bash to promote HIV/AIDS and friendship.

Rae Lewis-Thornton shares with us her daily challenges.  She is always forthright and forthcoming about life's ins and outs living with AIDS. Her honesty and integrity about this disease have altered many untruths over the past 2 decades.

Rae, who has traveled extensively speaking about HIV/AIDS and Safe Sex, has recently begun a blog that is both riveting and informative. You can read all about Rae HERE

Rae is a fascinating speaker and is available to speak across our great land, giving us much needed information about staying safe.

Come join us for an evening of information, friendship and lots of fun and swag ~


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