Jul 17, 2010

Drove the Chevy to the levee ~

Latosha (@TargetStars) & Melodie (@Wildfirerest) posing for me in front of the WildFire Restaurant Schaumburg at the Summer Seven 1010 Tweetup

I can not believe that I am still excited about my weekend with the 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid!

I miss the smooth ride, the comfortable seating, the head-room, the gas mileage, the flexibility in parking, OnStar and XM.

The Hybrid technology fascinated me.

I kept saying to the fleet vehicle deliverer - "Well, how does it charge? Do I need to plug it in?" He chuckled and described the innovative technology.

The battery self charges when you break or are idling at a stop light! It uses regular gas and toted me from Schaumburg and back using very little fuel!

How awesome is that?

The gray coloring also had me smitten.

Chevrolet has really paid great attention to comfort and detail.

Honestly, examining the scope of GM's capabilities has put me further in an enamored state.

Is there anything at all that displeases me about the Chevy vehicles I've tested?

So far, NOPE!


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