Jul 27, 2010

"The Perfect Balance of Sweetness & Salt"

If you enjoy the sweet, buttery, salty, crunchiness of popcorn, then you will definitely enjoy Angie's Kettle Corn!

Arriving fresh to Chicago's market this month, Angie's is a delightful, refreshing and natural product that I can whole-heartedly endorse.

I was not paid to provide this assessment. I simply love popcorn and saw that they were giving away samples to interested parties.

I am ALWAYS interested in trying new treats! Being a big, popcorn fan, this was a no-brainer!

Too bad for me, "NO-BRAINERS" entail absolutely NO THINKING and I nearly ate an entire bag myself.

(I do NOT recommend that).

I strongly encourage you to have a supervised visit with Angie's and taste the prize of North Mankato, Minnesota. Made in a facility free of wheat and nuts, Angie's uses no preservatives, no cholesterol, no artificial flavors or trans-fats. The product's ingredients support local farmers and is popped in small batches in REAL kettles!!

It is always fun bringing a great, nutritious tasty bag into the house. The litmus being after a few hours of having the bag simply laying on the counter, if it is not opened and devoured, with a few scuffles and a few slaps and punches, it is not worth purchasing.

In this case, there were several fights, a few tummy aches ( again, do not attempt to eat the entire bag at once ) and lots of moaning amongst the "nom nom nom" munching.

Angie's Kettle Corn has my vote!

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