Aug 11, 2010

Coffee? Giveaway? BLISS!!!

Over at Susieqtpie's Blog "CafeScrapper-ScrapsOfLife" is a FABULOUS MONTH LONG GIVEAWAY of  COFFEE!!!!

Anyone who knows me, or reads any of my blogs know that I go coo-coo for coffee beans.

Seriously, I love drinking coffee more than just about anything ... yep ... it's THAT serious.

SO ... of course I want to WIN me some coffee. I ALSO want to share this wonderful opportunity if there are any other coffee lovers out there interested!

Départ du café et profitez-en!


Susieqtpies said...

haha I'm coo-co0 for coffee, too! lol G'luck and thanks for posting and tweeting!
I"m your newest blog follower!!!!

Houseonahillorg said...

Hey there! Thanks!!!!

Garima said...

Oooh.. how cool. Really hoping the giveaway is still on!!!

Houseonahillorg said...


YES ... hurry!!