Dec 4, 2009


A BIG THANK YOU TO!, I had never really verbalized any of these thoughts before!

Many years ago I received a handmade cross made from beads and safety pins. A very good friend of mine stopped by and kept staring at it and finally shared that they were offended. It made me realize that I needed to be sensitive to the beliefs of all people and especially of the people who mean something to me.

I have enjoyed STAPLES because I make my business cards there, purchase ALL of my kid's school supplies, our ink, my camera and shop there for my parents (faxes, ink, shredders) because - it's accessible, the staff is always friendly and helpful while the stores are organized in such a way making it easy for old timers to navigate!

I must admit, since my Gran passed away almost 20 years ago, I have never regained the Holiday Spirit. It drained me and honestly I could find no joy.

I did not have a child when she passed. Once I did, I had to really work at it to make them special for him. The First Holiday was a barrage of gifts, relatives and food. My child sat and played with the paper!

As time has passed, I have learned that for my household and our spiritual belief, the reason for the season is Jesus Christ and what he represents. But what about my other brothers and sisters and what they believe?

When my son was about 5, I quickly began implementing a "practice what you preach" approach.

We have made every effort, together as a family, to make the holidays a season of community and global embracing.

Now I am happy to celebrate again.

Using office supplies to send personal cards that we have made highlighting the great things we have done all year is where we typically begin. I usually choose a fun photo that symbolizes a special moment and then update friends and loved ones about how we've spent our months.

Additionally, I like to shop meaningfully and encourage people I know to spend money wisely on either things that are really needed or things that make people's lives better.

Shopping on charitable websites to benefit families around the world is a favorite. Coordinating holiday drives for less fortunate is also top on our lists. Staples makes that easy because you can purchase so many of folk's needs all in one stop.

It is also important that everyone in my family acknowledge that not everyone is celebrating Christmas. ALL holidays during the season should be acknowledged and supported. We are one globe. One mankind and using digital technology has really been an excellent way to touch one another and hug each others hearts ~ all in the name of the Holiday Season!

How about you guys? What is your view on the Holidays? What do you celebrate? Do you include people from other faiths so they can learn about what is important to your heart? How do you serve your community during the holidays?

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