Feb 7, 2010

STEAZ Today for a healthier you!

A few weeks ago my friend Kim Moldofsky extended an invitation to join her at Uncommon Ground to experience a new drink.

I drank my first STEAZ beverage and have been hooked ever since.

While the product offers no health claims, I feel much better giving my kiddo a Steaz energy drink after a game as opposed to a sugar laden sports drink. There are also a variety of teas and sparkling teas. My favorite is the Black Cherry. Once I purchase the sparkling teas, I must hide them from Mr. Kiddo who drinks them and flips the caps over (which reveal a message) and leaves them places to taunt me.

Because I enjoy the vegan, kosher, free trade concept, I feel Steaz is good for my entire family. I therefore asked the two people who moved me with their story to share it with my readership!

Thanks Kim & Eric!

HOUSE: How did you first hear about Steaz the product?

Kim: I first learned about Steaz when they contacted me about blogger outreach. I was impressed with what I learned about their triple bottom line philosophy and the fact that they are organic and fair trade, but I wanted to taste their drinks before I got too involved. Happily, they were a hit.

HOUSE: When you rave about Steaz, what do you say?

Kim: It's a product that people can feel good about drinking and a company they can feel good about supporting. I like that the teas aren't overpoweringly sweet and even the sodas seem milder than their traditional counterparts.

HOUSE: Tell us a bit about Kim and your endeavors

Kim: I started blogging way back in 2005 HormoneColoredDays and have been going strong ever since.

In 2008, a brand approached me looking for advice on reaching out to
mombloggers. Not only were they interested in my thoughts, they were willing
to pay me for my advice. Since then I've worked with several other brands
and just launched MomImpact to increase my visibility to brands and online moms. In some ways, I'm just formalizing what I've already been doing, but I'm going to two important blog conferences in February, so maybe I'll get a few new ideas!

That is great Kim, thanks!

Tomorrow we will hear from co-founder Eric Schnell! Stay tuned ~ Steaz would love to offer a 6 pack sampler to one of my lucky readers (sorry U.S. mailing addresses ONLY!)

Leave a comment telling how you strive for a Healthier, Happier, You! Be sure your profile has a valid email address or leave it with your comment. On Friday February 26th Random.org will choose a winner! GOOD LUCK!!



MelADramatic Mommy said...

I don't know whether to thank Kim or curse her for introducing me to Steaz! I love it, and I'm not a tea drinker. I really appreciate their willingness to offer coupons too. Every little bit helps!

Designer1 said...

I love tea rather than carbonated beverages and often need a change from water so an opportunity to try something new and healthy is a very good thing. And the thought of "sparkling tea" wow, I look forward to picking up a pack of Steaz for sure!

jennyonthespot said...

Oh, this sounds delightful!I am alwyas looking for ways to keep hydrated... I am always a some stage of training - be it off-season or full-training. I get tired of plain water.

I've not hear of Steaz before... I would love to try it!