Jul 11, 2011

Ten Reasons To Visit Virginia Beach!

Yes, it is summer.

No one leaves Chicago in the summer because it is just too awesome!

Our beaches made the "Best Beach" lists, we even have palm trees (that disappear by October), so why would I be writing about Virginia Beach?

Well, historically it is a MUST SEE region! A vacation hot spot that resonates with the American researcher and the fun-loving All-American!

"Virginia Beach" is SO very frequently mentioned in movies, who wouldn't want to know why?

As someone who has only been as far east as the Carolina's - and an hour layover in NYC- the Atlantic Ocean appears SO attractive! 

How about loving volley ball? It could just be a rumor, but I have heard "Virginia Beach" "Volleyball" and "tourney" in one, if not many conversations.

The seafood. (do I need to expound on this one, at all??)

It just might be fun to drive! Quite a few avenues that predate our existence would certainly prove fun en route to Virginia Beach's gorgeous destinations.

Wouldn't it be fun to network and connect yourself with the fabulous folk who defend us in Norfolk and inviting them to chill with ya on Virginia Beach!

The seafood. (driving this one home).

Be around to understand exactly what a boardwalk is....

There is also buzz about the art gallery. How grand to be able to uplift your community from within?

Of course a gargantuan reason for traveling to Virginia Beach would be to attend a beach party...

and finally, well of course! The seafood!

Enriching scenery coupled with the desire to be a world-class traveler might propel one's desires to achieve greatness by experiencing the ultimate vacation spot.  Beach homes are equally as attractive to the entire "fun festival" because they go with nostalgia, housing someone who has desire to learn, apropos only to a fraction of what the average person would be seeking to experience are awesome and attractive plans.  

Tournaments and Music Performances appear to be in abundance SO, I am one who thinks that Virginia Beach is a destination that could encompass a family outing, gals/guys vacations, couples and, or, a lone trip to endearment with just yourself!

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