Jun 14, 2010

BIT Defender ~ Bit Moms

Bit Defender has an awesome party going on over at Bit Moms!

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The reason?

They are proprietors of a very useful malware defending product.

These types of security software are so valuable because there are so many things out there trying to attack your computers!

I have never understood what hackers get out of screwing up our PCs and laptops. It is SO annoying. Maybe these vicious folks simply get satisfaction from spreading misery - these people are so small - nonetheless, we must protect our precious tech-lives with great programs like Bit Defender.

I am VERY particular about what sort of anti-malware, anti-virus I use.

This product is great for me.

There are no tiny little cartoon characters popping up incessantly.  No annoying beeps, blips or "OH MY GOSH YOU'VE GOT A SCARY TERROR HAPPENING - oh GOT IT" notices.

Bit Defender does its job.

It has settings you can adjust to make it as minimal, or as vocal, as you'd like which is very important to me.

It gives quiet, unassuming notifications and is a "defender" in such a way that you feel very safe.

I don't know about you, but my laptop is my other baby, and I like keeping it well and functioning!

I am sure that if you are in the market for a product, this is for you!

Try it out!

The first 10 moms to join BITMOMS and "friend" me are in for a LOVELY treat from Bit Defender!

Guarantee you'll like it - SO see ya over on Bit MOMS ~


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