Jun 5, 2010

Chevy Missions, service & YOU!

Notes From Chevy Missions ~ Chevy Moms Week of April 17th:

"Wow, where do I begin......I was in heaven for an entire week while I had the joy and privilege of driving the Chevy Traverse. The highlight of the week was probably the fact that the entire family (2 adults, 4 kids) could fit in the Traverse and room for backpacks, sports gear, groceries, etc. Didn't take the 2 cats for a drive but they would fit too, no problem! What a pleasant experience to drive in the city of Chicago when most of the time it is not.  I loved the smooth ride, heated seats, side mirrors folding in with the press of a button, starting the car from afar and the automatic rear door.  My 4 teenagers were obsessed with the stereo and all the channels and of course watching movies while another listens to music makes everyone happy.  Since I have taken the "Oprah pledge" to not use the phone or text while driving, the hands-free telephone was probably the most useful. The mirror and beeping noise when in reverse were very helpful when backing out of our garage and parking on the streets.  I needed a little more time to get used to the mirror as it seemed that I did not have as much room as the mirror showed I had.  I knew that when all of my children thought this was a "cool" car, we could all come to an agreement that if we were to get a car the CHEVY TRAVERSE would win, hands down.  You sold me in no time at all and if I am ever so blessed to be able to purchase a vehicle, I know without a doubt that this would be the one."

**Kelly was instrumental in carting boys and girls from The Frances Xavier Warde Schools to Polaris Charter Academy for service hours during Week 2! Thank You KELLY!  

At years end, many of the 2010 graduates had served 40 hours or more thanks to Chevy Missions!!!


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