May 30, 2010

Fair Trade Coffee for you!!!

Sandy Yusen, Director of Public Relations for Green Mountain Coffee also shared a comment in response to my inquiry with Green Mountain Coffee! So, today as I announce the two winners of Green Mountains "Spring Revival Blend" consider purchasing a Limited Edition 10oz bag. I am certain that you will be glad you did!

House:Green Mountain Coffee is an incredible, full bodied blend. How do they share in this campaign?

Sandy Yusen: GMCR is committed to the growth of Fair Trade as part of ensuring social and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.  Launching coffees such as Spring Revival Blend is one way we can help small-scale coffee farmers invest in the quality of their coffee and the quality of life in their communities.  It’s part of our dedication to delivering high quality, sustainably-sourced coffees to consumers.

NOW to announce our winners!!

                                                 K.r. Copeland 
I love coffee too!!!!!!! May 26 at 5:49pm

                                                                Wendy Roehl Pike 
Gotta love a great cup of coffee!May 26 at 4:03pm

Each of the winners will receive a 10oz LIMITED EDITION of Green Mountain "Spring Revival Blend".

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