May 10, 2010

A 1, and a 2, and a 3! Notes from Chevy Missions Week 3!

Look at the boys on one of the "Mission" trips to the school where they mentor elementary aged kids and assist the teachers with Afterschool programming!

During Chevy Missions Week 3 mom Donna shared, "I wish I had that DVD player when my boys were younger!! You can see how mesmerized they were when watching Anchorman."

Donna was also excited to exclaim, "I really enjoyed my week with the car. It rides extremely smooth for such a large vehicle. I'm used to driving smaller cars so I was pleased with how easily it handled. The 
turning radius and pick-up were also better than expected.

I picked up my mom, who is a thin/small woman, and thought we'd have a nice laugh seeing her trying to get in and out of the car (she didn't know I had it).  We were both stunned when she got into and out of the Traverse with ease! Not what I expected.

As far as future purchases, I would look for a model smaller than the Traverse since it is bigger than I need at this point. I'm anxious to hear about Dwana's experience with the 

Dwana is excited to SHARE her experience with the Equinox and is COUNTING down the days!

But back to the Traverse missions ...

Lugging young men to their duty the past few years has been fulfilling and has always been fun, but thanks to the Chevy opportunity, it has been economical, fascinating in so many respects, and quite the learning lesson for all of the kids.

The GM reinvention is now part of their beings, they feel invested, and a part of bringing the USA auto reign back home.

What a concept to be considering right as these 8th graders end their youthful middle-school lives and move into more critical thinking. 

Hopefully, what thoughts they may now have, and considerings as to how they can be proponents for industries, how they can seek improvements for those less fortunate, or who are unable, and how they can maneuver quality and reliability into whatever equations they become faced with. Coming from a place of defeat and rising above. They are so young yet are an integral part of pushing from down-under and flying high - despite adversities.

My best hope for all of this is that they garner empathy for all situations ~ urban and corporate alike, and use this for a range of insights as they forge into the new unknown.

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Connie said...

Wow, who knew? Who knew so much discovery was going on with each "shuttle" trip that is taken in the Traverse?
It's delightful and eye-opening to read your posts.
And, your observances give me great hope for our future!
Empathy, indeed. It's a powerful trait from which good things resonate.