May 23, 2010

Chevy Missions & YOU!!!

WildFire Restaurant's Social Media Director, Melodie Clemens & GM/Chevy's Communications Director, Connie Burke

Chevy and I threw a PARTY.

It was an incredible evening full of food and fun at the WildFire Restaurant.

Chevy Missions is a program that allows common folks the privilege of hosting or completing some sort of service project using a fleet of Chevy's latest model vehicles.

What could be a better motivator to helping your fellow man, woman, or child out than by doing so in a new auto that has a taste of what is surely to come - fuel economy, luxury, and durability.

Connie Burke was on hand to give us the 411 on Chevy , as Melodie Clemens and Laura Rosen of  The WildFire Restaurant served us and wowed us with their beauty and grace.

This was an event for the ages.

The children who have participated in this particular Chevy Mission have now  learned that corporations need to bridge with them and their communities because we are all in this  together!

An evening of The Wildfire's Martini Flights, spinach dip and wheat pizza taught the parents participating in this Chevy Mission, that life is good, Chevy is fun and that Connie Burke is no longer a part-time Chicagoan ~ we gave her the key to our fine city!

Sign up for a Chevy Mission TODAY!


Connie said...

Ha! Thanks Dwana - for everything: bringing like-minded folks together, being supremely enthusiastic, being a wonderful hostess AND for giving me that coveted key :-)
I love my time I spend in Chicago because of people like you. Your spirit and your own personal, above-and-beyond contributions are what makes for a great "community." You are collaborative, creative, informative and (by the way) an absolute treat to work with.
Now, if I can only find the penthouse that goes with my new key...

Melodie said...

Dwana~It's hard to top what Connie said, so I'll say 'Ditto!" You are truly a treat to work with and even more, a pleasure to know. Thank you again for choosing Wildfire to host your events and for being so easy and wonderful to work with! I look forward to our future collaborations. You're the best!

Houseonahillorg said...

LOVE YOU LOADS!!! Connie & Melodie - I REALLY do - now about that penthouse ....

MJ Tam said...

This place a smile on my face.

Really Dwana, you are all that...and more. I'm blessed to know you as my friend.


Houseonahillorg said...

MJ! Thank you~You're definitely the stuff in my book too!