May 4, 2010

More than fun, it's mother to my son

"Mommy Blogging" has become the official categorization for women with children who blog or are in social media. Until recently, I never considered myself a "Mommy Blogger" but alas, I guess that is what I am. I very rarely mention my mothering status, but the fact is, I am a mom. I have an opinion, a voice and a powerful economic consumer responsibility.

Having older kids, many of us are faced that some kids desire anonymity. Until very recently, I was not blogging about my son. Then the changes started creeping in. The mustache, the tenor voice and the new towering stance. The emotions surfaced and spilled at a rushing rate.

Initially, I began my blog as an outlet. Having received my undergrad degree in English, I made sure that writing has always been in my life. Working in a government law enforcement capacity the past 20 years stifled that passion - yep, it was just about dead, when I hit a brick wall and began to uncover that unless I allowed myself to truly be me, I was always going to be at a deficit.

Slowly I began to reinvent myself. I could still be rough and tough and emote about it!

Beginning my blog set me free.

Being exposed to the county's most hardened offenders on a daily basis can drain one's since of civility.

There are amazing people in this world. Expressive, talented, uplifting people who make this world a better place. I want to meet them all and share their passions.

Recently I was featured on Funsherpa - the blog - Interrogating the Interesting.

Much like what my blogs do, they catch folks in their rapture. Conquering what we are compelled to do is so incredibly important to many of us.

Be sure in your daily travels to be authentic and loving about yourself and your goals.

No path is identical - that would be BORING - we must foster our journeys and nurture our paths.

For me, keeping an online journal turned into 3 blogs and social media, networking and what I now see, the capacity in which I was born to be in.

I always considered myself chronically shy, but I have now reconciled that I simply enjoy being in comfortable atmospheres with people who have open hearts and minds.

Recently, I was explaining to a newcomer to social media, the difference between the "Tweetup" we were attending and commonplace "after-work" networking.

Amazingly there is a difference. Yes, everyone is there to promote themselves, their missions and their spiel, but the vibe of open heart and embracing spirits is evident.

People are genuinely interested in what you do, why you do it and are invested in trying to help. This makes all the difference. This is why my being in Funsherpa's profile as a MOMMY BLOGGER has meant so much to me. Defining yourself but giving yourself room to grow, mutating from day to day into that butterfly, and taking deep breathes before every plunge is what life is all about.

Embrace it, yourself and all the possibilities!

If you visit Funsherpa, and see a deal that you would like, use this code mothersday-hhh ~ this will give you 10% off any purchase until Mother's Day! This let's them know the HOUSE sent ya.


Stacey / The Mom Renewal Project said...

Happy to know I'm in good company over at Funsherpa. My interview just went live over there today.

Houseonahillorg said...

Oh great!!! Happy Mother's Day ~ Stacey!!

Connie said...

What a great post, Dwana! Thanks for sharing your journey that you're on. And, I couldn't agree more: I have made so many incredibly rewarding connections through social media. In particular, I find the social media community in Chicago to be exceptionally open, friendly, and tight-knit. What a great experience it has been getting to know you and my other "SoMe" friends in Chi-town! There's just something culturally going on that makes it easy for an outsider like me to feel accepted - and that I always have someone to have dinner with when I am in town! :-)
Glad to hear it has helped you grow in many ways as well.
Keep on writing, and I'll keep reading!

Houseonahillorg said...

Thanks Connie!!!