Sep 8, 2010

The Chevrolet Suburban - Clean. Green. Now. WOW

What are holidays for???

Labor Day is for workers, right?

Back on September 5, 1882, the first labor day was celebrated.

It would take until 1894 for Congress to make it a legal holiday - but these many years later, its force and commendable ideals remain firmly intact.

How did many of you spend the Labor Day Holiday?

I spent mine showcasing the incredible features on the Chevrolet Suburban to my sister and her dear husband who I fondly call "Brother".

While we joked that the 2010 Suburban requires a bus license, we could not believe how it handles!

No bumps, this big boy means business, and handles the road in quite a sophisticated way.

My Dad kept bellowing for the 300 mile trip (there and back) that "this IS luxury!" He also exclaimed a few times, "WOW, the ride is like butter." Once or twice he said, "THIS is a smooth ride."

My "Brother" zipped in and about his town with such ease and control - the boat clearly manages like a car!

Equally amazing is the gas mileage! Being in a small town we easily came upon E85.

Flex-fuel pluses include burning cleaner. Having a mixture of 15% gas and 85% anhydrous ethanol, E85 is WAY cheaper as well.

It also appears that E85 burns more efficiently. I have never driven one way of the trip on a full tank only burning 1/4th of a tank!

So, The 2010 Chevrolet Suburban again, displayed that it is top-notch.

Classy, reliable, sleek, sexy, smart and rocks the road.

Suburban is clearly the King of the Highway.


Connie Burke said...

I love your reviews, Dwana - they are so utterly human :-)

You seem to like elbow room in your vehicles. Nothing wrong with that!
You keep doing us at Chevy proud every time we put you behind the wheel. Thanks for your kind words. Keep on truckin!

Houseonahillorg said...

Connie you're the best.