Sep 29, 2010

Adjust Is A Must!

Woman at chiropractic appointment

The warm day today eased the blow I was feeling concerning fall.

My fire has dimmed and I am, less reluctantly, adjusting to the change of season.

Little did I know that a little chiropractic maneuvering would be in my future and that it would really help things along.

Visiting my friends at West Loop Chiropractors turned out to be a much needed adjustment in my schedule!

The Open House I attended was more-so aimed at giving my cousin and my best bud a bit of support. Each of them have their physical and emotional complaints, so when I was invited by Doctor Rosen to come see the new facility, I made sure they could tag along.

Somehow my spine received a calling, if you will - a yanking would be more precise, and I somehow was drawn in to do more by actually participating - in the tour, testing the instruments and garnering knowledge.

While I have been to a chiropractor before, I have never been one that inspired me to promote its benefits. But here, I can happily and confidently now advise that while on this healthier, happier journey, one must always consider at least one visit to get "cracked".

I tease, and I am a horrible patient because I am squeamish, but the truth is, the doorway to optimal health often lies in this ancient science.

In the 1890's chiropracting began and has been a viable way to heal ever since. As with anything, there are the naysayers, but I firmly believe an adjustment here and there can truly be a plus in your healthy regimen.

Not having had any particularly unusual complaints, I must say that I feel darn great!

I was first treated to "therapy" that consisted of electric nodules that penetrated the tightness in my neck and back. It was 15 minutes of deep, undisputed heaven.

I do not enjoy having my neck manipulated. Period. So, who knew that NOWADAYS there is a tiny instrument that takes all the WHACK out of having your head rotated until it pops! Thankfully ... due to euphoria and expertise, I never heard a sound.

Doc Neumann's quiet demeanor and excellent touch (and patience with a whiner) were so well appreciated.

I was in and out in a matter of minutes. My head feels clear and I feel a rejuvenation that can only be contributed to this new-age adaptation of health. I can feel the congestion running down my throat. My ears have cleared and I feel energetic where there was the loathing seasonal lethargy.

My very comprehensive consultation was so accurate. I am not chronic by any means, but this exam thoroughly zoned in on my weaknesses and where I am falling apart.

Should you embark on this idea, afterward - drink PLENTY of water.

Headaches, ear aches, tightnesses, digestive problems and a host of other maladies can all be affected by the lack of attention we give to the nerves attached to our spines.

Overall health is diet, body, spirit and soul.

Now, as this perfect peace descends on me, find a certified, experienced doctor who can take your body to another actuality ~ enjoy!

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