Oct 4, 2010

Dominick's "Just For You"!

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Who enjoys grocery shopping?

Actually I do!

So, when offered the opportunity to shop at Dominick's - well it was really a no-brainer. I was given gift cards to make purchases and tell you all how I did!

Dominick's has deep Chicagoland ties. It is not out of the ordinary for me to pop in there 2-3 times a month. My shopping card has ragged edges, and probably decades of age-old info on it. There are purchases from my years of diapers and baby food, to steak and cases of beer. Nowadays, however, my needs are as simple as feeding a teen boy. A few pounds of turkey lunch meat, ground meat, veggies and almond milk. On occasion, I even pick up my lunch!

SO, how about you? Shopping, for me, can be a respite - definitely satisfying the "caretaker" need that, as of late, I have been squabbling with myself about. Thinking about their frequent shoppers like me, Dominick's is now promoting a great program that is truly "Just For You"!

The great thing about "Just For You" is that you can easily log into your account and see your coupons, personalized specials (based on what you typically purchase) and your personal "Club Specials". Another neat feature shows most coupons available for a relatively long time. This impresses me because you may not need certain things each time you shop. It's nice that you don't have to rush, or purchase things you are not in need of just yet.

Once you begin logging items, they are available for review under your "Shopping List".You are even able to email your list for convenience.

For those of you who consider shopping a chore, this new idea is a way to lesson the stress and be able to view your savings before you even arrive at the store's location ~ definitely a plus!

Hopefully you all possess the Dominick's Fresh Value shopping card. If there is a Dominick's or Safeway in your area, and you have yet to open an account, you can't beat these savings - I highly recommend opening an account!

Following this link will get you your account. If you have an account, follow the link to get into your account where you may register for fun savings and a thoughtful shopping experience!



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