Dec 16, 2010

Where Do Our Dreams Go To Hide

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New possibilities in my life resonate like a yodel bouncing around a mountain somewhere off foreign shores. I have been chasing dreams for decades now, but all I am really left with, at this time, in this place of my existence, is a civil servant's job ~ a life that is full, fulfilling - but not necessarily the life I WANT to lead. OR the life I felt I was supposed to lead.

While I was pursuing my bachelor's degree back in the late 1980's early 90's, my aspiration was life by the sea. In  my visions, day after day would be spent chasing the perfect story. Words would just be spewing from my pen, while novel after novel piled up. I would wake up surrounded by my published works, publishers knocking down my door in pursuit of my crafted sentences. 

Two decades later, I have not seen the shores of an exotic locale in 5 years, my pens are full and my pages empty. I have not published the great American Novel, won any literary accolades, nor have I accomplished world peace!

I managed to raise my son on my own, mother him and his dog, all while servicing felons as they attempt to reintegrate into society. I somehow managed a masters degree for which I am now grossly in debt. Not SO shabby, I must say ... after all, like Dad says, "there is no glory in mud-ville".

Thankfully, by a stroke of some incredible force, the prospect of achieving even a portion of my old dreams remains. These life assertions I desire are attainable, quite incredibly through blogging and social media! It is for that reason I stay perky, and thus, I persevere. 

Back in 2007, Latrice Fowler and I met on Women For Hire. Tory Johnson's dream unfolded piercing everyone she touched with a brave new world. Her social media site was the first I ever belonged to. Women there were nurturing wounds, developing new confidences and fostering new relationships. Who knew it was "networking"!

The website was amazing and changed my life. Now I have visions of connecting women to better opportunities for themselves and their families. A woman's self worth feeds the globe in so many ways. We have voices that uplift with knowledge unbounded. We live, learn and love with fervor - and capturing it each day by sharing on our blogs and sites is both revitalizing and monumentally important. I want for my 3 websites a place where all can feel safe to understand each other and embrace differences. I want it to be stressed that eating better, operating our health, managing our goals can be fun, exciting and globally motivating. Touching some young woman in a remote part of the world with just one sentence is profound and it can really happen with the internet via reading our blogs, reviews and sites. All are responsible for small glimmers of information being sent out to thousands if not millions of folks who then begin moving outside of their comfort zones or perceived constrictions into higher understandings. It happened for me, so I know!

Now, about that spot that is waiting for me by the sea ....

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