Dec 1, 2010

Soul To Soul Parenting with Annie Burnside

Annie Burnside, M.Ed, Soul Nurturer has news for you. You too can parent your children and mark your
lives together with meaningful and encouraging life experience.   

In her book, Soul To Soul Parenting, Annie unravels raising children and participating in a soulful journey with incredible detail that fosters spiritual growth and an openness to life and the realm of conscious living.
I was particularly struck by the green-light approach that lists hopeful strategy and mindful release techniques.

Communication is delightful in families where there is acceptance and peace. Annie's "cues", "signs" and "role-play" offerings are only tips of what this book can unfold for people interested in true connections and loving environments to touch the presence of higher powers and enrich God and enlightenment without religious attachment. Families can be free to worship as they do while still being able to implement Annie's ideas.

Having this sort of access to alternative parenting is wonderful if you keep an open heart and an open mind. The world is needing our openness and oneness. If you pick this one up, come back and let me know if you've received something positive! 

How was your family impacted and would you recommend loving in this way?                                                                                 

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