Nov 30, 2010


Ho Ho AND WHOA, it is the holiday season!!! In conjunction with Blogher I was able to purchase goodies from The HomeGoods Store! The location here in Chicagoland is within the Elston Center 2731 N. Elston Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 773-276-3138. Who knew?

The parking was convenient, heck the entire shopping experience was convenient! I can't show you what I bought, well ~ because they're presents! BUT I can say that the staff was incredibly nice. There are huge savings to be had, and great buys to be made. The categories include several optimal shopping must-haves that ensure plenty of hours of fun. However, if you are in a hurry, that is cool too, because everything is well categorized and fully stocked.

I truly was able to purchase with the $25 card I was given by Blogher and Home Goods to buy well made, exquisite gifts. 

This was a delightful time. I certainly will return to do more damage! Look out!

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