Jan 27, 2011

#lunchbunch ~ keep up with our escapades!

I belong to a #lunchbunch. If you tweet on Twitter, click on the #lunchbunch and follow our escapades. The company is the finest in Social Media and the fun is out of this world.

One of my friends is the incredible personality Jen Knoedl aka @JenChicago aka JenChicago.com

Our #lunchbunch travels across Chicagoland trying different cuisines and enjoying the company of our fellow pals. The #lunchbunch typically includes, Amy Ravit Korin Theresa Carter and most recently, my mentor MJ Tam ~ where oh where will we end up NEXT!

During this #lunchbunch we commented on our thoughts about the similarities between dating and social media! What are your thoughts? Give it some love and pass it around! It was truly fun! Thanks Jen!


Jen Knoedl (Ka-no-del) said...

I adore you! I am so happy to call you "my friend"!

You should repost the other one where you say "tamales! rrrrr..."! I bet your readers would like to watch THAT!

Houseonahillorg said...

lmao, I think I will!

See it here: http://houseonahillorg.blogspot.com/2011/01/follow-lunchbunch-on-twitter.html