Feb 24, 2011

General Motors made more dreams come true!

                                  General Motors Communications Manager, Connie Burke

The Chicago Auto Show was spectacular. I was a Media Guest of General Motors. We participated in a Driving The Midwest "Chicago Photo Challenge" that I was pitiful at, but had fun at nonetheless.

My thought for the challenge was to place my GM vehicle at a favorite "CHICAGO" place that had character and presence. I parked the 2011 CHEVY AVALANCHE  in front of The Billy Goat Tavern. The Billy Goat is famous in Chicago for its historical and legendary account in Chicago Cub baseball tales.

As legend has it, William "Billy Goat" Sianis and his goat, Murphy, are the culprits of the Cub's famous curse, that White Sox fans like me live for! You can read about it here. How apropos that the incident involved a playoff game against the Detroit Tigers!!

So, alas, the Avalanche made history look good! The rugged wheels, the incredibly classy decor, plush leather seating, comfortable display ... OnStar and the ability to run over any Chicago Snow Bank, made my week with the Avalanche so AWESOME.

Imagine. Something so fun and exciting as cars and being given the opportunity to experience them intimately!

For our involvement with the challenge we were given a close-up and personal with the 2011 CHEVY VOLT. Yes, the 2011 Motor Trend Car Of The Year!

Is that sexy or what!

Six feet of  person (yes, I am that tall) fits comfortably in this Volt. Appropriately names for its FAST speed, race-like qualities and electric sustaining features.

Imagine $1.50 ( LESS than a good cup of JAVA in most cases) as your cost for running your vehicle!

There are different classes of charging vehicles - DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. The Volt can run amazingly well fitting our busy lifestyles:

The Volt operates two ways: 

*EV mode (battery powered) and extended-range (gasoline powered).

*Volt offers an initial electric range of 35 miles(1) - totally gas and tailpipe emissions free. After that, you can drive for a total range of up to 375 miles(2) with the extended range mode until you can plug it in or fill it up again.

*EPA estimated 93 MPGe (electric); 35 city, 40 hwy MPG (gas). Actual range varies with conditions.

That works for me! In the market for a new and savvy car? Check out what General Motors can offer you!!!

Let's put America back to work, at the top of our game and riding high, in style! 


Connie Burke said...

Loved the history lesson in your adventure - especially since it involved my beloved Detroit Tigers! Well done, Dwana. Thanks for your post about your experience as our guest at the Chicago Auto Show. Appreciate your review and your enthusiasm!

Houseonahillorg said...


Always my pleasure!