Feb 28, 2011

Top Ten Things My Kiddo Would Miss ...

...if I were abducted by aliens and taken to MARS!

I often feel as if I am living on MARS but that is not what this meme for Social Moms asks!

Being the single mom of a 15 year old, darling, teen-aged boy, who has been the light of my world, has been a beautiful and endearing challenge. I have been very careful to raise a thoughtful, conscientious, being who values others and his environment. What I have succeeded in is often reminiscent of the stuff classic horror films are made of ...The Blob comes to mind...

I can not even begin to tell you the smells that emanate from that oh-so-special being, and it is definitely something you would expect to find on Mars! So, if I was to be abducted by aliens, I suspect my life would not be THAT much different, though The King of Odor might suffer from the following:

MISS FOOD:    My youngster was 5 years old when the Twin Towers fell. I panicked that he may need survival techniques and was VERY careful to teach him how to open canned goods without cutting his fingers off. I also addressed, when and if possible, warming the food. Additionally, he was instructed each year thereafter, on making simple sandwiches, scrambled eggs, pasta and toast. To date he can accomplish NOTHING. My 15 year old will go the entire day without food - and go for days - if I fail to provide pre-cooked items. I tested this over this past summer, so I am VERY sure he would lose 20 pounds before seeking edible fare.

MISS ODORLESS LIVING:  If I do not physically turn on the water and threaten life he will not bathe. EVER. PERIOD.

MISS TEETH: At some point, seeing as though we have problems with teeth brushing as well ... should I be residing on Mars indefinitely, junior would most definitely loose teeth.

MISS FINANCIAL FREEDOM: "Mom, I'm going to the mall can I have $____ would become, "OH NO! Guess I will not be going anywhere."

MISS LOVE AND AFFECTION: tee hee, like why is this so far down on the list? As they grow older, we moms are lucky if we get the kisses we used to get hourly on a monthly schedule. I suppose he would miss these hugs and kisses??? ... awww!!!

MISS CLEAN LAUNDRY: I know, I've failed.

MISS THE PERSONAL CHAUFFEUR: The 24/7 driver would be vacationing on MARS for real - YES, I have used this as a threat before!

MISS #1 FAN: Who will cheer at all of his sports games???

MISS CONFIDANT: Who will listen, to not only the woes, but the master plans!

MISS THE BEATS: If I was to ask junior what he would miss, he would probably say, he'd miss me listening to him sing, rap and or dance... he is cute.

Yes, so after evaluating the importance I have in my kiddos world to write this piece, I can also state, with assuredness, and gracefulness, that these things are all part of my job... the MOST important job I have, and I would certainly miss them, if not more than he, if I was abducted from my sweet guy and held away from him on planet MARS. 

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