Mar 30, 2011

How You Keep Your Family Happy

Keeping a family happy starts from the beginning.

I recall the very moment I suspected that I was having a child. Immediately I was in love, talking, cooing and having intense life-changing conversations with my blastocyst. I was determined to bring someone happy into this world taking every detail seriously and with joy. Thankfully the stars aligned and I delivered an incredibly happy guy.

Keeping him that way, knock knock, has been relatively easy! Even-tempered and thoughtful, a bowl of broccoli has often brought a smile from him. He never fussed, never threw a tantrum and so I made it my specific job to assure that I would do whatever I could to teach him how to keep his perfect peace.

Life has thrown hail on our heads many a time. A bitter divorce, separation from his beloved older brother, pneumonia, being homeless when he was 5 years old, running the wrong way during a gang shoot-out, all could have negatively impacted my little shining star but it didn't. He learned early that happiness comes from within.

Toys don't bring it, lollipops don't bring it, nor do coins or new shoes. Of course he gleans average teen collectibles ... you know shoes, baseball hats, those wrist thingys, t-shirts and music ... he is a normal boy, but "Joy cometh in the morning" has been our lead theme and maintaining happiness is important because it affects health and mental stability.

It is quite an art to be a healthier, happier, you! The balance of good eating, proper rest and exercise and keeping an enlightened frame of mind might, on occasion, be hit or miss, yet it must also be considered art.  Knowing when to heighten your concern about an issue and being able to calm down in a rational way takes practice and restraint.

Keeping your family happy is also keeping a happy self. Having "ahha" moments should go hand and hand with having "wow", "I can handle that" and "WHATEVER" moments too. Our tomorrows are borrowed so we should make every second count in a thoughtful, meaningful, loving manner. We should embrace the catastrophes with as much grace as we do our delights. It is a challenge but one that is solid and worth its own weight.

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Reinventing My Life...One Day at a Time said...

Your loving kindness overflows onto the heart of your son...your happiness is heard in every word you are definitely a beautiful person...your son is as lucky to have you as a Mom as you are to have him in your life...thank you for a wonderful post!

Houseonahillorg said...

aww thanks honey!!! *hugs*