Mar 9, 2011

What Makes You Feel Lucky?

Feeling lucky is a state of mind. I like to think that I own that state of mind. I truly have been lucky.

I could have experienced the worst case: Young Single Mom to an African American boy could have played out several ways ... and while I am knocking on wood as I type, I still consider myself rather lucky. I even dare to say, that if you believe as I do, I am blessed.

Living in an inner city is a challenge for any one. Tack on being single and raising a young, black male and you've just handled a grenade.

However, I studied my situation and took painstaking measure to balance and weigh options to assure, as much as humanly possible, that my son would make it out of his statistical nightmare and be intelligent, thriving, contributing, strong, member of his community.

Part of my plan involved watching lots of movies together. 

Now that my goober is now a teen, I have difficulty savoring ALL of his choices, BUT we still reach common ground on occasion.

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We tend to prefer intricate dramas, but I have often succumbed to my son's quirkier side by falling into the crazy antics of male-bonding. We both continue our love affairs with his child-hood favorites like "Sponge-Bob" and "Toy Story" and often challenge ourselves with classics like "Troy" or "A River Runs Through It".

Lucky to be able to watch and learn.

Lucky to be able to share and care.

Luck whirls through our lives in many forms and patterns.

Paying strict attention to the wonders of our lives, and also being able to pin a movie to that time-frame becomes sentimentality at its finest!

That goes for games too.

Do you remember what point of your life you were playing Packman? Mario Brothers? 


Those were special times, or not...but they were defined by some of the movies, shows, music or games we played at that time.

Even today, as you raise little ones, time has etched itself in your play-by-play with something impeccably memorable.

Sure, this generation has more computerized little people programming, IPads, notebooks, e-games, e-books ... BUT guess what??? Redbox keeps up with all of those ideals and allows you to share with someone you care about or wish to influence!

Luck has nothing to do with this part, that is simply playing it smart!

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