Mar 15, 2011

You TOO Can Drive The Midwest!

Driving the Midwest is a continuation of GM's "Chevy Missions" program.

As a direct benefactor of the mission program I eagerly fell into supporting "Driving The Midwest" and its current challenge - Our Town, Our Hero Vote.

I nominated Kelly O'Connor.

You may recall Kelly as Chief Coordinator of my very own Chevy Mission where we transported school kids to a middle school who needed their help mentoring peers and lending a hand in the after-school programs.

Our program ran 8 weeks and would have been a big, fat ZERO without Kelly's help and participation.

Why nominate a hero?

Introducing folks to Chevy's new exciting line of vehicle sparks true joy.

We all have a responsibility to promote things that are important to us individually. 

For me, I have fallen in love with General Motors and the Chevy product! After an adult life of driving foreign, I was so impressed with the new relationship we were being introduced to. The automobile industry had betrayed U.S. trust and General Motors stepped up, interacted with the community intimately and I was touched.

Then I began to notice the product.

Sleek, conscientious designs. Sturdy, spacious and with frills and  bells!

I LOVED all the models and was passionate about each vehicle I was allowed to sample.

So seeing the Chevy Traverse, seeing Kelly, and other parents, being given the opportunity to witness reinvention. Be pampered with style, comfortable reach of knobs and navigation, gorgeous display and so spacious. Witnessing the genius behind OnStar! The joy of having satellite radio!

What a ride.


THEN, find your local Chevy dealer and experience a CHEVY or any General Motors ride today!!

                   2010 Chevy Traverse at the "Chevy Moms Chevy Mission"

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