Apr 26, 2010

Belle of the Ball ~ Kenmore Connects with Chicago Moms

Sometimes blogging is more than incredible. Enjoying fellow bloggers for a night of libation and laughter is so good for the heart and the soul.

In Chicagoland, Kenmore held a cooking extravaganza at Kenmore Live Studio, 678 N. Wells. Jammed packed with mom bloggers from the midwest, Kenmore Live Studios was filled with the chatter and exuberance of a night sure to be enjoyed.

The evening began with Mixologist Charles Joly. He combined special flavors and fruit to make knock out cocktails. Chef Nick Lacasse's tastings were inspiring.

There was entertainment, and of course Kristin Chase, blogger and author of "The Mominatrix - Guide to Sex".

Chabanamoms, WeaselMomma, Mominatrix, Melisawithones, Houseonahillorg

Kim Moldofsky of  Mom Impact and Hormone Colored Days , along with Richard Goldsmith of  Kenmore , wined and dined us with spectacular flair.

And the goodies were awesome! I've been cooking with my Induction Elite 1500 with Saute Pan which is so fun to use.

My kiddo had a quick and yummy egg sandwich the next day!

BUT the Belle of The Ball was definitely Brandie!!! All night we laughed and joked with Tracy about the great fun we were having, and how it beats being at home doing laundry. Brandie shared that her washer and dryer were on the fritz and screamed wouldn't it be nice to have a BRAND NEW ONE!

Much later in the evening, we participated in a raffle AND GUESS WHO WON!

It was so fabulous seeing her do the Happy Dance!!!

What a time!



Laura said...

It was so great to meet you. What a fun night! I love the induction cooker too ... now I need more cookware for it!

Houseonahillorg said...

Laura! HA! I have been online seeking more cookware! lol! Can't wait to connect again, thanks for stopping by the "House" xoxo

Brandie said...

You are a huge sweetie - I wish we could have talked more than we did, but it was so nice to meet you!
Also, what else are you cooking in there and are you just shortening the cooking time? All we did so far was boil water just to see how long it would take LOL! But I did hint to hubby that I might want some new pans for it! =)

Houseonahillorg said...

Since then I've made ravioli, rice, and hotdogs. It shortens cooking times incredibly! (and of course, its SUPER fun)

Hope to see you soon!