Apr 16, 2010

Not Your Grandmother's Chevy

For the next eight weeks, follow me as I gleefully take part in a mission to restrengthen America's fiber. For the past few months, I have been blessed with a relationship with GM/Chevy.

I requested to test a Tahoe initially.

Traveling to Florida in the Chevy Tahoe was a life-changing experience in SO many ways.

As a single mother, it afforded me the grand opportunity to take my parents and son on a road trip that we have never had the time or money to do.

My father was self-employed as a florist for the past 60 years. There were far too many chances missed for us as a family. So, with GM's Communications Manager Social Media, Connie Burke's blessing, we set off on an adventure that would both strengthen our love for one another and deeply entrench us into the success of GMC's comeback.

I have been a foreign car driver the last 10 years. I felt that I had to.

Back when I was a single mom with no significant other, it was vitally important that I have a vehicle that would not render me helpless on the side of the road at night with a little one.

As I stated, my dad worked 12-15 hour days with my mother. No way to bother them - as I had to many a day - when I was driving a Jeep Cherokee back in the early 90's.

I need reliability and minimal upkeep. If I can simply change the oil and put air in my tires, I consider that a major plus.

Flash forward to now - 10 years later and I am not as vulnerable. My parents have since retired and I have an incredible person in my life that I can rely on. Things have changed. Times are different. BUT, I STILL, having found reliability and endurance in foreign cars, desire that.

I recall 19 years ago when my now deceased Grandmother had her "eye" on "that Chevrolet Cavalier".

Chevy is America. Chevy and GMC are now ready to meet the challenges of today's American needs.

Having driven the Chevy Tahoe 7 days and over 1800 miles, I can firmly attest that I am ready to put my faith back into the American Dream.

I feel compelled and very passionate about the products.

SO, I signed up, presented a mission and am now participating in a "Chevy Mission."

Each week the Chevy vehicle enables a mom from my son's school to trek 6-7 kids to an inner city charter school where there are economic challenges. There the kids mentor and read to younger peers in an after school program. They also assist teachers in any way they can.


If you had a Chevy Mission, what would it be???? CHEVY MISSIONS ON FACEBOOK

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Connie said...

My Mission would be to keep connecting with wonderful, deserving people such as yourself, D!
Thanks so much for this heartfelt post. This is EXACTLY what we had in mind when we launched Chevy Missions.
Much gratitude for being so amazing to work with, and for basically being who you are :-)

Houseonahillorg said...

:-* xoxox