Apr 6, 2010


Chevy Tahoe 2010.

Sharp. Classy. Rugged. Graceful. Quality. Sleek. Reliable. Durable.

My first car was a Chevy Citation. Back in 1984 while I was driving that Citation around, I thought very little about Chevrolet's legacy.

Founded by Louis Chevrolet, and William Durant in 1910, where race-car driving and "Flint Wagon Works" meshed, Chevy vehicles have been a part of America's fabric for decades.

By the time I was driving my 1981 Chevy Citation Hatchback, cars in America were a far cry from what Louis and William could have ever dreamt about.

Their vision is now in the stratosphere!

The vehicle I test drove was state of the art. Full entertainment packaged LTZ in Red Jewel was a theater on wheels. Traveling up and down Route 209 in the Great Smokey Mountains was not exactly part of the plan, but unsuspecting travelers we were and had no idea I-40 was closed. Had we been traveling by day we would have exited with other travelers safely on to the detour at I-240 West. Instead we exited where the road deposited us - Scenic Route 209. I am sure this is a gloriously beautiful stretch of road, followed by a harrowing, yet breathtaking trip up and down the mountainside - BUT by night it was a scene from the scariest horror flick you can imagine. Chock full with creepy willows, jaw-dropping drops, no lighting, twists, turns, speeding locals, no locals, no anything, and signs that lead to cliffs (why?? I ask WHY are there signs that lead to dead end roads that end with a trip off the cliff???) and roads that simply stop and drop of into infinity. Yet, the Chevy Tahoe maneuvered every challenge remarkably.

Our trip, a little over 1800 miles, was perfect. Thanks to all involved ~ Connie Burke & the Chevy/GMC Team, Edelman, Fred Ligouri(Media Relations), and the entire G. Schmitz & Associates family for making this an incredible life experience!

Our stay in Jacksonville was equally elaborate thanks to Wendi Brogli and the staff at The Courtyards at San Jose. The unit was SO incredible. The Courtyards at San Jose is a luxury community that really pays attention to the fine details.

Our condo was immaculate and JUST LIKE home. The staff felt like family. My only regret was not having enough time to chill with them.

Although I went through Home Away, whenever in San Marco OR Jacksonville let them accommodate your stay! ( I was not compensated in any way regarding my stay with The Courtyards of San Jose )

When my arrival went 5 hours beyond what I stated, Wendi called to check on me!

The pool was such a nice touch and the grounds were seriously maintained.

The biggest plus is that it was pet friendly. Everyone living, or staying in the corporate housing, were sweet and genuinely nice. The area had restaurants and was close to everything or, at least, easily accesssible to everything.

What an adventure. What a way to spend my time on The Road To NoWhere!


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