Apr 4, 2010

Spring Break 2010

I read somewhere, before my recent road-trip, that travel in a car is "real".

You discover who you are.

In my case. I discovered a whole lot more.

I wanted to take this trip because my son is 14.

He is on the cusp of manhood. I invited my parents because we have never leisurely traveled with them. It was always under the gun, on an agenda, to a family event, or for the holidays - in my opinion urgh! Not enjoyable!

To be free in the wind. To be open on the road. Open to ALL possibilities was my desire.

I "accomplished my mission" according to my good friend Connie Burke, Communications Manager for GMC.

Chevy provided the wheels. BOY! Let's just say, four wheels, four people and one with four legs, turned out to be a mini-life in 5 days.

We dangled from mountain tops, dined by rivers and enjoyed America's beautiful scenery!

What an incredible Spring Break!


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