Apr 5, 2010

I Almost Killed My Parents Last Night...

and my son, myself and my dog!

Travelling from Jacksonville, Florida we just simply HAD to make a stop in the beautiful and historic Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah IS breathtaking.

BUT Interstate 40 IS NOT.

Frightened Woman

Bevel roadway befallen by sliding rock back on the eve before Halloween 2009 (WHO KNEW) sent us on a willowing, wretching, winding road that left us wrenching!

We amused ourselves with tales of "What if" deep down knowing that "WHAT IFS" can come true!

As Route 209 had us hanging in what seemed like mid-air for 30 miles or more, this city girl saw in the mid-of-night (did I mention we tried to make it to Knoxville AT NIGHT?) I prayed to my maker more than several times.

Luckily pooch pooch slept through it all. I suppose dogs only come to attention when needed? OR why bother when it seems all is lost?

Thankfully, our ordeal was tethered by the ONSTAR TEAM that never left our side until we were completely out of danger.

We made it safely and that is the important factor, but when a road detours - DRIVER BEWARE!


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